James Faubert - The Elders
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James Faubert - The Elders

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Giclee print, 3:4 proportion, Original size 18 x 24

$22.50 square foot enhanced matte, print on demand, Framing not included.

$35.00 square foot canvas, print on demand.

$10.00 per linear foot canvas stretching.

Call or email us with the size you want and we can help you work out the price.

Elders are our teachers. They pass, from generation to generation, experiences and wisdom through the art of storytelling and through their example of behaviour.   

They are respected for their knowledge and for their accomplishments in life.

A key component of many First Nation cultures is the high regard for Elders as teachers. Elders play a key role in the transmission of culture and knowledge and are considered “the keepers of the knowledge”. Elders show their value of children and traditions as they intentionally share stories and traditions and help to keep the culture alive.

The Ojibway describe their way of learning as kendaaswin, which means learning from the Elders through life experience, often through apprenticeship. The Elders and teachers who are responsible for passing on the traditional knowledge to the younger generations are called Chinshinabe.  They are the sacred keepers of the culture.

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