James Faubert - Spirit Bear
Temagami Authenticity

James Faubert - Spirit Bear

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Giclee print, 10:13 proportion, Original size 20 x 26.

$22.50 square foot enhanced matte, print on demand, Framing not included.

$35.00 square foot canvas, print on demand.

$10.00 per linear foot canvas stretching.

Call or email us with the size you want and we can help you work out the price.

The clan system of the Anishinabe was given to the people by the Creator. They are Crane, Loon, Fish, Bear and Marten. Each original clan came with a colour and responsibility. The men were entrusted with passing down this sacred knowledge to the next generation and the clan is passed down from father to his children. This is why the woman’s clan does not change when she marries.

The five original clans broke off into many other clans, but each clan assumes the responsibility of the clan it derived from. The Bear Clan was given the responsibility of policing and guarding the sacred medicines. “Makwa”, bear in Anishinabemowin, is regarded as a strong warrior and a wise healer.

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