James Faubert - Life and Death
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James Faubert - Life and Death

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Giclee print, 1:1 proportion, Original size 26 x 26.

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The Anishnaabeg are deeply spiritual and communicate with the Creator for guidance and wisdom. They also believe in the power of ancestral spirits. This belief is carried out in ceremony and song to provide ongoing communication about their way of life. The death of a tribal member is significant and presents an opportunity to connect with the spirit world. Providing spiritual ceremony for the passing of a loved one in the proper way is important since it leads to a positive journey for the deceased and supports those left behind.

The spirit of the deceased travels for four days before resting. Nanapush “touched each bundle in the gloom of the cabin, and wished each spirit a good journey on the four-day road, the old-time road, so well-trampled by our people this deadly season” 

During this time, “a spirit may also communicate with family through dreams. If they ask for supplies, the request is to be honoured. If they ask someone living to come with them, it is acceptable to say no” 

The Ojibwe believe in 4 planes of existence: First: gives life and motion to the body Second: sleep / meditation- souls stays in body, while spirit travels through space/time Third: spirits leaves the body to take sentient existence in another dimension- soul remains in body- physical trauma or disease process. May be visited briefly in deep meditation. Fourth: Land of Souls

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