James Faubert - Heading
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James Faubert - Heading

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Giclee print, 1:1 proportion, Original size 22 x 22

$22.50 square foot enhanced matte, print on demand, Framing not included.

$35.00 square foot canvas, print on demand.

$10.00 per linear foot canvas stretching.

Call or email us with the size you want and we can help you work out the price.

The Anishinaabe believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience on earth. We come from the stars and our life’s journey has four stages: birth, life, death and afterlife. Each of us is born with a spirit, a sacred name, a clan or tradition, gifts or talents and a destiny which will present many challenges.

As we are born our spirit leaves the Creator and spirit world and when we die our spirit goes back to the Creator and the Spirit World while our body returns to Mother Earth. During our life’s journey our challenge is to find and celebrate the Creator and to be of service with our gifts to our people and all of Creation.

When our physical body is reclaimed by our original mother, our spirit can be seen and felt leaving our body. It travels westward across grasslands, 
up over mountains and up into the clouds where a bright light guides it to where our loved ones wait.

The Spirit lives forever and the cycle of life is complete when Spirit returns to its place of origin with the Creator. 

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