James Faubert - The Gathering
Temagami Authenticity

James Faubert - The Gathering

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Giclee print, 2:5 proportion, Original size 16 x 40.

$22.50 square foot enhanced matte, print on demand, Framing not included.

$35.00 square foot canvas, print on demand.

$10.00 per linear foot canvas stretching.

Call or email us with the size you want and we can help you work out the price.

The Anishinaabe elders say that both their language and their people come from the land. Names of places describe in detail the geography of the land. For example, Walkhouse Bay, located on Serpent River First Nation is “Boodaashkeying” in Anishinaabemowin. It translates to “the place where wind splashes in the canoe”.

Spirituality is at the root of Anishinaabe culture and is reflected in the way the Anishinaabe strive to live in harmony and balance with all of creation. Women play a key role in teaching this spirituality and as acting as protectors and healers of the land and water.

Some tribes refer to an older woman as “M
indimooyenh” or “one that holds things together”. It has been said that a woman’s tenacity comes from an energy that comes right out of the earth, into her feet and into her heart.

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