James Faubert - Water Woman
Temagami Authenticity

James Faubert - Water Woman

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Giclee print, 2:3 proportion, Original size 24 x 36

$22.50 square foot enhanced matte, print on demand, Framing not included.

$35.00 square foot canvas, print on demand.

$10.00 per linear foot canvas stretching.

Call or email us with the size you want and we can help you work out the price.

Indigenous women are often referred to as “Keepers” or “Carriers” of water. They share a sacred connection to the spirit of water as child bearers and feel a responsibility to protect and nurture this life source.  Colonization has resulted in an interruption of the intergenerational transfer of knowledge regarding water. Indigenous women all over Canada are raising their voices to draw attention to water issues in their communities and to rebuild the connections between women and their responsibilities involving water planning, management and governance.

Mother Earth provides us with water and mothers create their children in water. Water is life and needs to be respected. 

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